Release: version 1.5.0

Q-Costume ver1.5.0 has been released.

- Rotation order (ZYX) has been added.
- Gravity was added.
- Blend mask (Override/Additive) has been added.
- The phenomenon of bouncing when dropped is reduced.
- Import and export (JSON format) functions have been added. (Inspector context menu "Import/Export Swing")

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Release: version 1.4.1

Q-Costume ver1.4.1 has been released.

Mesh Builder / Skinned Mesh Builder
- Vertex normal recalculation is now faster.

Swing Bone
- Fixed a bug that position limit axis was not calculated correctly.

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Release: version 1.4.0

Q-Costume ver1.4.0 has been released.

Mesh Builder / Skinned Mesh Builder
- Vertex normal recalculation option (Recalc Normal property) has been added.
  When meshes are combined, vertex normals are recalculated for each vertex that is shared (position, uv, color flags specified).
- Fixed bug where meshes were missing when undo/redo in the editor.

Swing Bone
- Added the option to blend shapes when swinging.
- Added default axis type and removed fixed axis type.
- You can now select and edit multiple items in the Inspector.
- Fixed a bug where initially rotated bones were not calculated correctly.
- Fixed a bug where the limit 0 and margin not 0 bones were not scaled.

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Release: version 1.3.0

Q-Costume ver1.3.0 has been released.

- Extra.SwingBone component has been added.
  This is an extended version of the demo TinySwingBone, which can be moved, scaled and limited.
- TinySwingBone is deprecated.
- The demo prefab using TinySwingBone has been replaced with Extra.SwingBone.
- DEMO script namespace has been integrated into QCostume.DEMO.

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Release: version 1.2.0

Q-Costume ver1.2.0 has been released.

- Asynchronous level has been implemented. When building asynchronously, the CPU is released according to the level.
- A cleanup function for instances with lost owners has been added to CostumeBuilder. (Inspector context menu "Cleanup")
- A combined mesh export function has been added to SkinnedMeshBuilder and MeshBuilder. (Inspector context menu "Export Mesh")
- Includes script references (HTML).

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Release: version 1.1.0

Q-Costume ver1.1.0 has been released.

- Implemented MaskSetting and BoneSetting assets.
- In the Mask field, MaskSetting is displayed as a dropdown.
- In the Bone field, BoneSetting and skeleton bones are displayed as dropdowns.
- Included UserManual(PDF).
- Fixed minor bugs.

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Release: Version 1.0.0

Q-Costume has been released.
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About bone duplication

Costume bones are automatically added to the skeleton.
How to usePrepare an item fbx containing a new bone.Specify items in the CostumeBuilder Inspector.

Notes on instantiating itemsBones that do not exist in the skeleton are duplicated.Bones that already exist in the skeleton are not duplicated and are ignored.

How to use the mask

A mask is like the name of a display location.
When you add an item, existing items with the same mask are hidden.
This is useful for switching the display of items by location.
How to useSpecify the default item and mask.
If additional items have the same mask, the default item is not displayed.Specify additional items and masks.
Additional items are always displayed.

Use from scriptAn example using a mask.
Example.csusing UnityEngine;using QCostume;
public class Example : MonoBehaviour{    public CostumeBuilder builder;    public GameObject hair;    public GameObject tops;    public GameObject bottoms;    public GameObject dress;    void Start()    {        // Add default items.builder.defaultItems.Add(new CostumeItem(hair, "HAIR"));        builder.defaultItems.Add(new CostumeItem(tops, "TOPS"));        builder.defaultItems.Add(new CostumeItem(bottoms, "BOTTOMS"));
        // Add items.//   Overrides TOPS and BOTTOMS masks.//   The tops and bottoms object w…